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A top down survival arcade Snake game. The game is meant to add a depth to the traditional twin-stick style of play. As the World Eater, destroy your enemies, protect the incoming ships, and power up your turrets to fight against anyone who attempts to get in the way.

Made in Unity

A Capstone Project designed and developed by Game Level Design, Game Development: Advanced Programming and Animation students of Sheridan College.

The Team:
Peter Muir (Project Manager & Designer) - https://muirpg.wixsite.com/portfolio
Jessica Lui (UI & Designer) - https://jyllui.artstation.com/
Rebecca Simpson (3D Artist) - https://magpieworks.portfoliobox.net/
Raphael Ferras Gonçalves da Silva (Developer) - raphaelferras@gmail.com
Yanran Wang (Developer) - 3dgobinlin@gmail.com

Install instructions

Extract all content to play the game

Ideally played with a Controller (XBox used as reference).
Can be played using Keyboard & Mouse (Must configurate key controls for optimal experience.)


World Eater.zip 163 MB

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